30 March 2013

18 March 2013

Smoking outdoors

Since moving down here to Florida, we have been strictly outdoor smokers.  It was hubby's only request of me (and applies to him as well) that we not smoke in our new house because despite its age, it smells like it has never been smoked inside of. (Yeah, bad grammar ... whatever.)  Most days, that results in pleasant pipefuls in the sunshine:

However, we have had two hard frosts (in different weeks) and a couple days of constant rain in the five weeks we've been here, and the first real rainy day made us realize our old carport roof leaks.  That means I have been stuck with quick cigarettes on the tiny porch while wearing the wide-brimmed straw "Florida tourist" hat in case the wind kicks up.

Last night, it was only a light drizzle with a light breeze, so we were able to sit under the old carport after a weekend of yardwork to enjoy a pipeful:
Yes, I enjoy playing with yarn.  I can only smoke my corncob pipes when I have my hands busy, because those and the small fruitwood pipes from rekamepip are the only ones I can clench.  Last night's little victory smoke was GLP Sextant, just because I hadn't had some in a while and boy did it sound just perfect.

11 March 2013

Outdoor pics

Just a few pics before I go back outside to bask in the sunshine like one of my cats.  Smoking the fruitwood "cob" from rekamepip, with the rose swirl Forever Stem on it.