25 September 2012

My new favorite - estate Wally Frank half-bent pipe

A surprise from the big estate box!  When we first opened the box and pulled this one out, it was basically just one muddled tone of brown ... both the briar and the stem.  The maker stamps were pretty easy to read - WALLY FRANK on one side and STRAIGHT GRAIN on the other - and while it had some cake and rim-scorches, we could tell it wasn't exactly the previous owner's favorite.

When I cleaned it up ... WOW!  Under the years of blah and neglect, a beauty lay hidden:
Wally Frank Straight Grain estate pipe

Wally Frank Straight Grain estate pipe
Yeah, I probably should have wiped the ash out of the bowl, but I snapped these pics all excited after the first bowl.  This pipe smokes so easy and even, it makes a newb like me look like she knows what she's doing!  I'd call it "a diamond in the rough" but that's a different pipe for a different post.

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