27 September 2012

Hubby's Randy Wiley pipe

As I requested last night, today hubby left his Randy Wiley pipe here at home so I could give it a go.  He also left me the tin of MacBaren's PlumCake ... with the lid loosened enough I can actually open it.

The Wiley pipe ... the beautiful BEAUTIFUL briar Wiley pipe:
Handmade in the USA, graded "55"

A good-sized pipe!

Lovely grain on it all around

Wiley pipe

the Wiley pipe's best side IMO
I bought this pipe for hubby when were visiting Jacksonville, Florida and popped into a local tobacco shop.  The shopkeeper pointed out that he was running a sale on his Wiley pipes.  After I looked through the display case and the rack over the bulk tobacco, the shopkeeper repeated that he had a sale on the Wiley pipes, and pointed to a freestanding display shelf ... so I wandered over to take a peek even though the only ones I saw were rusticated finish, which isn't our style.  As I walked around the display, I saw this beauty behind the sale sign!  I picked it up and realized this fit all the criteria hubby had been saying he was looking for in a pipe.

Within 15 seconds of placing this pipe into hubby's hands and mentioning that I was buying this round, he declared I had "twisted his arm".  He loves smoking this pipe, and I loved cleaning it up and making it look all shiny and new.  Today is the first time since I bought it a couple weeks ago that I have finally been able to smoke it myself ... mainly because I am seriously thinking of getting one for myself.

Now, a pic of hubby enjoying it down at our new house in Florida on a pretty sunny morning:
Hubby enjoying a bowlful in his Randy Wiley pipe

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