01 October 2012

We gotta stay off evilBay

Not only me, but hubby also.  In fact, he said this exact phrase last week after we made an impulse bid ... and won.  We even did the "pinky-swear" - with each getting one exception - to stay off the evilBay until New Year's.  About an hour later ... hubby starts talking about what he wants to hunt for during the month of October!  Of course, this was before PipesAndCigars.com did their site-wide sale, too ...

Back to this (rare) impulse eBay bid.  Out of the seven pipes in the lot, two caught hubby's eye right away, while three caught my eye (one is on both lists).
seller's pic of 7 pipe lot

7 estate pipe lot
If anyone guessed the black pipe with the stag overlay and attached windcap ... yup!  Hubby's other choice is the Kaywoodie bulldog, while I was intrigued by the stemless JM and the bent JM.  The seller shipped FAST, so we had these pipes in hand Saturday late afternoon!  While the black BBB is still unsmoked despite its age ... the other six greatly benefited from the new pipe reamer.  The Kaywoodie bulldog had a mind-boggling amount of cake in it ... we had to start with the smallest reamer and work up to the biggest.
old Kaywoodie bulldog (seller pic)

seller pic showing discoloration and crooked stem
Given these two close-up pics from the seller, we weren't sure we'd be able to prettify this, even when holding it in our hands.  As I mentioned, this had an amazingly thick cake so we figured it had to smoke good get that much carbon build-up.  Even I was surprised at just how well this pipe cleaned up!
Kaywoodie bulldog pipe cleaned up
Kaywoodie bulldog cleaned, even the discoloration is gone
After he put his rubber teething ring on the bit, hubby loaded it up last night and proclaimed it a nice smoking pipe!  Even with the stinger still on.  An impulse bid that we won (it only had 10 minutes left on it when we found it) has resulted in an unsmoked display-case pipe with its original sock and box, and so far two very nice smoking pipes ... this morning I got two more from the lot to flambe stage so we will have two more to try out this evening.

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