09 November 2012

Brand new Storient Meerschaum billiard

I've been openly coveting a new meerschaum pipe for a while now ... and my first arrived from Turkey the other morning.  It's a plain smooth classic straight billiard from Storient Meerschaum, with a pretty saddle-bit vanilla swirl stem, and it burns tobacco in a most efficient and enjoyable manner!  Enough of this blather and on to the pictures:
brand new Storient meerschaum pipe

The only pic of its white bowl
First bowl smoked in the new meerschaum billiard!
The inaugural bowl was McClelland bulk #5100 Red Cake, and as I type this I have C&D Blockade Runner burning.  Straight Virginia blends taste different in this pipe ... better.

Now the real fun begins - burning enough tobacco in it to color it.

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