10 November 2012

Estate meerschaum pipe

I popped into the local B&M today to pick up some humidity discs and browse the corncob and meerschaum pipes.  Surprisingly, hubby let me go without supervision and with a request for another MM General if there was still one to be had.  I discovered a second drawer of Missouri Meerschaum pipes, but this post is dedicated to the Turkish meerschaum I found.

Light as a feather and quite efficient at burning tobacco, this beauty has wonderful and lovely intricate carving, with tiny spirals in between the teardrop latticework and also around the rim.
D. Ural lattice meerschaum pipe

estate meerschaum lattice billiard, full bent

tiny spiral carved around the rim

tiny spirals carved in between the teardrop lattice windows
Someone really enjoyed this pipe before it found me, and I have fully intention of continuing that.  I probably should not admit how little I paid for it!

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