25 November 2012

Inaugural smoke for the Buescher cobwarden

I finally selected the tobaccos (plural) for the inaugural bowl in the Buescher cobwarden.  I chose to parfait three Virginia blends: H&H AJ's VaPer on the bottom, then a generous middle layer of McClelland 5100 Red Cake, topped off with a few pinches of McClelland Virginia Woods.  This corncob pipe is smoking like a champ!
enjoying my Buescher cob-watden

tamping the Buescher corncob churchwarden


  1. I'd join this site, rather than the sewing one, but I can't see any followers button ? will you be posting more now you've moved ?
    cheers Wicker Man

  2. Thanks for the reminder. I meant to put that up much earlier and forgot. I will try to update more than I did over the winter!