13 November 2012

Feeling Cobbish

Corncob pipes ... people either despise them or fall madly in love with them.  First I tried the cob from the estate box (which I had originally set aside for hubby, who never smoked it).  When I realized how much I was enjoying the old H&B Cobb, I decided to grab a small Missouri Meerschaum Pony cob from the B&M down in Florida when I bought hubby his Randy Wiley briar.  Then, I got that proverbial "wild hair" you-know-where and ordered P&C's Corn in the USA sampler pack ... and when it arrived, I was shocked to hear hubby ask which cob was his.  Not only did he want one of the cobs, but he wanted it filled with my Classic Burley Kake to boot.

What has followed over the past few weeks can only be described as "corncob mania" here in the house, with a generous dose of growing devotion to the CBK.  Along with adopting the Pony cob I bought in Florida, hubby ended up with his own Corn in the USA sampler pack ... not only to keep my cobs safe but to prevent him from smoking up all my CBK stash.  Then, we looked in our local B&M up here and discovered MM Generals in stock.
Hubby smoking his MM General cob
As y'all can see for yourselves, "That's all she wrote!"  Which means, more pictures.
7 cobs small to large

MM Legends, not Diplomats - GAH!

The old MM, in between a new Legend and CG

The old H&B, between a new MM Legend and the short General

Missouri Meerschaum company stickers, then and now (how old is "then"?)

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