18 October 2012

Old Hirschl & Bendheim Irvin S. Cobb corncob pipe

Along with posting here yesterday about the old estate box corncob pipe, I also went to a forum that has cob fans for help identifying the marked-up sticker on my pipe (PipeSmokersForum).  It didn't take long to get the proper spelling of the first name and what the second name is, which then made Googling up info a WHOLE LOT easier!  The manufacturer's name was Hirschl & Bendheim, and they went out of business during the 1980s, although the Irvin S. Cobb line of corncob pipes is apparently still made by Missouri Meerschaum now, and can even be bought to this day at Rite-Aids and CVS stores in some places.

As I loaded up another bowl of Russ O's Angler's Dream, a codger-style tribute burley blend with just enough cinnamon in it to totally WOW me, I decided to snap a few more pics of this old H&B Cobb.
H&B cob with bag of tobacco

the marked-up H&B Irvin S. Cobb sticker

Excellent smoke: Angler's Dream tobacco in the old H&B cob
I am really loving this Angler's Dream burley blend!  I suspect that bag that was sent as an "extra" in a tobacco trade will not last long.  The dash of cinnamon isn't enough to overwhelm the burley, just enough to accent and give it a nice room note.  This smokes just as easy as any codger blend I currently have in briar as well as corncob ... but the cob just brings out an extra little shine to it.  I'm on my fourth bowl of it in about 24 hours, and I even took time out to sleep!

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