16 October 2012

Larger estate corncob pipe

For one reason or another, I cannot salt-and-alcohol the ghost out of some of thee estate pipes from the first large box.  One has a meer-lined bowl, two are obviously glued, one is taped, and a couple I can't get the stems off ... and two are corncob pipes.  The smaller-bowled corncob is a Missouri Meerschaum one, but the larger is not and I am having trouble reading the sticker on the bottom of it.
Sticker on bottom of estate cob pipe
The Washington, Missouri USA part is easy to read, but the maker's name isn't.  I thought the first name was Hirschil, but Google yielded no results.  I am hoping someone recognizes the sticker and/or logo as I am curious.

For the record, this cob pipe smokes a bowl of Carter Hall so easy!  The previous owner must not have been too fond of this one, since the ghost in all his pipes only was noticeable for the initial bowl.

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