06 October 2012

Six Boswell flavored tobaccos

I received these flavored aromatic tobaccos from the little shop in Pennsylvania with a huge reputation online:  J.M Boswell and Son.  They arrived late Thursday afternoon, so I have had them on my desk for almost nine days and here is what is left.
Six Boswell flavored aromatic tobaccos
Starting at top left and going around clockwise:

  • Maple Leaf and Christmas Cookie - I've only smoked one bowl of each so far, as those initial bowls didn't grab my attention quite the way the other four did.  I will note that both have terrific bag notes, with the Christmas Cookie truly smelling good enough to eat.  With our first frost advisory tonight (already?!?!?) I may get into them more soon.
  • Boswell's Best - a pleasant jumble of flavors, with the website noting only a vanilla topping.  There's more going on in it than just vanilla though I am having trouble distinguishing what I am experiencing at present.  The best I can describe it so far is an accumulation of smells similar to what my kitchen smells like as a holiday bake-fest is just finished.
  • Chocolate Cream - as if I would miss ordering this one!  In fact, this was the one that led me to Google to find Boswell's as "everyone" says their chocolate topping is one of the best.  Quite a tasty sweet smoky-treat, with a chocolate flavor obvious enough for me to pick on first bowl.  I like the flavor and hubby likes the room note.
  • Piper's Pleasure - this one is described as having chocolate, vanilla, coffee, and caramel flavors to it, and I find it changes which one is noticeable depending on which pipe I am smoking it in.  Another pleasant jumble of flavor, and the room note is good enough that hubby was looking for cooling racks upon entering the house while I was smoking it ... he said it smelled like I had baked a cake and he was trying to see which flavor and if it was frosted yet.
  • No-Bite Delight - This one was elusive and shy, as it is supposed to be caramel and vanilla.  I tried it in a few of my other sweet pipes and was missing it, only getting the nondescript sweet flavor.  Yesterday I got a new pipe and decided to use NBD as its inaugural bowl ... and WOW!  A burst of caramel once I had it lit, which then quieted it down and only peeked through intermittently through the rest of the bowl.  Those with a more developed and discerning palette will probably be able to coax its subtleties out easier, but a fresh pipe is what revealed this one to me.
So those are my impressions of these six flavored aromatics from Boswell's, after a week of stuffing them in my pipe and smoking them.  Hubby has been a little too enamored with his Balkan and English and Scottish and Navy blends to give much attention to the Rum River I got him, so I can't report anything on that one yet.

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  1. When I first saw Pipe Wife I pictured those huge ones which carry oil. Uh, nope. Didn't expect this. LOL.