25 October 2012

Old estate Kaywoodie straight pot

Mostly a picture post here of a cute little Kaywoodie straight pot.  It's got a couple scratches and scuffs, but for the most part it cleaned up nicely compared to how it looked when we first pulled it out of the estate box!
old Kaywoodie straight pot, just under 6 inches long

Some scratches on the rim of the Kaywoodie

the Kaywoodie stinger is intact and even de-grimed!

scuffs on the bowl, with 42 stamped on the right side of the shank

main stamp on left of shank Kaywoodie "600" Imported briar
chamber reamed and salt-alcohol soaked, centered draft hole
This cute little pipe is just not for me, alas.  I find myself reaching for the bent pipes much more than straights, and when I cradle this little Kaywoodie it just doesn't quite feel right to me.  I'm working on finding it a good loving home.

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