04 October 2012

My first tongue bite

I have found the first (but I doubt it will be the last) pipe tobacco to give me the chemical reaction known as tongue bite - Sir Walter Raleigh Aromatic.  It's a shame too, because up until I realized it halfway down the bowl, I had been enjoying the aroma and taste.

This wasn't a steam burn ... I did that on my very first bowlful when I puffed on it like a cigarette and basically boiled my tongue like a basket of crawdads.  I think it was Balkan Sobraine, which tasted pretty good on the first puff.  I ought to find the tin and try that one again, since I have no idea what it tasted like from the second puff onward.

Since I am still an unreformed cigarette smoker, I do light up a stick first thing in the morning to get the morning "kick in the chest" and calm the nicotine receptors enough to enjoy the pipe.  If it's a rough morning I'll smoke two cigs before moving on to the good stuff.  Since I still feel a bit clumsy with a pipe, I also smoke cigarettes when I am driving.

Back to the biter, the roguish Sir Walter ... I still have the 1.5 ounce pouch minus one regular bowlful.  I know I will try it again - probably in a much smaller bowl - just because I am hard-headed like that and need confirmation.  How soon I get back into the ring for another swing depends on how fast the Biotene works, and whether or not I find another one that bites.  I have caught myself eyeing the pouch already this morning ...

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