19 October 2012

The chocolate egg pipe and a new egg

So I have a pipe that I call "the chocolate egg".  Not surprisingly, it is a bent egg shape that I smoke my chocolate flavored tobaccos in - plus it just sounds cute.  The nickname was not planned ... I had the new pipe a little over three weeks ago and I had chocolate tobacco (MacBaren's Honey & Chocolate at the time).  I had picked this one out because it was a nice light-colored pipe, listed as a natural finish.  It does not look light-colored any more!
Smoking Boswell Chocolate Cream in my chocolate egg
That natural finish apparently means no stain and no sealant to keep it light colored, and as a result of smoking it pretty much daily for over three weeks it now looks chocolate-colored!  Between finishing the sample bag of bulk Honey & Chocolate we bought locally and receiving the Boswell flavored aromatics, it should surprise exactly no one that the Boswell chocolate has been what this pipe has burned the most so far.  Alas, the end is nigh for my two ounce bag of the Boswell chocolate (as well as the No-Bite Delight).  That will require either another phone call to Boswell's or opening the vacuum-sealed one pound bag of the MacB Honey & Chocolate.  Difficult decision!

Another difficult decision will be what I want to smoke in my new bent egg with its natural finish.  The big brown truck brought me another box, and I have a new pipe!  Here the two eggs are side-by-side, with the new one not even (olive) oiled yet.
Before and after 3-4 weeks briar pipes coloring
I could see the chocolate egg was darkening up with use - coloring like a meerschaum even! - but until I got the new one today I hadn't realized just how dark it is getting.  As we used to say in high school, "Cool beans!"

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